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Early Bird Winners List:


Sept. 27th

  • The Stokes Family – $50
  • Val Fiesel (Guntner) – $50
 There are plenty of tickets left to sell.  Let’s see who can win the $250 for selling the most tickets, this year!

Sept. 20th

  • Yadira Garcia – $50
  • Kitty Selman – $50

Sept. 13th

  • Rohshad Bell – $50
  • James Recera – $50
Sept. 6th
  • $250 – The Grage Family – FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!  Thank you to all families who turned in all of their tickets.
  • The early bird winners are Laura Sullivan and Michelle Luby, each winning $50.
The next early bird drawing will be Wednesday, September 27th, 2017.  There are plenty of tickets left. Please contact the main office for more tickets.

**Remember, there is a prize for selling the most tickets, a prize for selling more than 50 extra tickets and a prize for selling 100+ extra tickets!**

Thank you for your support!