Educate A Child2-2013-14 Letter

St. Damian Educate-A-Child Financial Aid Program

St. Damian School is committed to maintaining a quality Catholic education to students and families by raising and allocating funds for need-based financial assistance.


What is the Educate a Child Financial Assistance Program?

The Educate A Child program was instituted to assist families through tuition assistance, who have fallen on hard financial times.  Grants are based on a family’s demonstrated financial need and the program’s availability of funds. Funds for financial assistance are generated by fund-raising events and through the contributions of generous alumni, parents and other donors.

Who should apply?

If a need exists, we encourage families to apply.  A number of factors are considered to determine whether or not a family will qualify for financial assistance.  These factors include household size, number or children at St. Damian as well as at other Catholic high schools or in college, medical emergencies, loss of employment, death, etc.

When and how should I apply?

Families who are struggling to meet school financial obligations should contact the school principal to discuss eligibility. Families must complete the financial assistance application. Applications are reviewed by the administration with the assistance of a third party provider, SMART Tuition Aid.  See instructions below on how to apply for assistance.  Once your application is reviewed and submitted to the school, a meeting will be scheduled with the principal and if necessary, the Pastor to discuss your financial assistance, as well as what is required of the family.

How much assistance can I get?

The average award per family for the 2013-14 academic year is approximately $1200. Assistance is based on availability of funds, financial necessity, and number of students attending St. Damian.  Assistance will also be awarded over a period of time not less than three months.  For example a family awarded $1200 would receive 3 payments of $400.

Can I re-apply each year?

A family, who receives financial assistance during any calendar year, may be eligible the following year. However, our goal is to provide assistance to the entire St. Damian School community. If a financial need continues, families are encouraged to meet with the principal to discuss individual situations.  Also keep in mind that all financial need is kept in the strictest confidence by both school administration and the family receiving assistance.

Instructions for applying for assistance.

Even if  you already have a SMART Tuition account you need to re-register for the website.  If you have never registered through SMART Tuition you must create a new account.

Go to:

1. Everyone must register as a new family
2. St. Damian’s Id number is 10967
3. Change application date to 2015-2016
4.  Fill out application

Once the application is filled out and all tax paperwork is sent in, contact the school office and we will watch for a response from SMART Tuition.