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August, 2017


Welcome to the new school year, the hot lunch program will continue for the coming school year.  Great news ahead, we have eliminated a few of the unhealthy lunches according to the state standards and added some new and exciting menu items.  Lunches are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the year.  Lunches will include: Subway’s ham or turkey sandwiches, Jersey Mike’s subs, Winston’s, hot dogs, Salina’s chicken sandwich, Kenootz pizza, and Monoco’s various lunches.

There are several important facts to remember about this program:

  • We regret that NO LATE ORDERS CAN BE ACCEPTED so please note order due dates. There are several reminders available including:  All due dates and “live” ordering dates are listed on the website, a reminder email is “blasted” through school the week online ordering is due, and there are announcements every day of the week reminding the students that all orders are due.
  • All payments are due to school by the following Monday that orders are due, please send 1 payment for all children marked with their name/room number to the office marked “hot lunch”. If your account is past due, your current month orders will be canceled and you will not be able to order the next month.
  • As all lunches are pre-ordered, if your child wants a hot lunch it must be ordered in advance. There will be no additional food available for sale on Hot Lunch Days.  There will also be no refunds for days your child has been absent for.
  • If your child ordered milk or water on the milk order, he/she will receive it that day. If not, a drink must be brought from home.  There is no POP allowed in the lunchroom at any time.
  • Please watch for updates and or changes to the Hot Lunch program in the family gram sent out monthly or on the website as they become available.

 Finally, as this is a totally volunteer run program, much help is needed to keep it running smoothly.  I would like to thank all those who volunteered last year to help serve the meals to all our children.  A request is included in this packet as help is needed in the serving the upcoming years’ orders.  Any time that you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sherrie VanderVelde